Double Glazing

As a conservation company we like to encourage that the existing sash and case windows are not double glazed but left as they were intended. Double glazing to existing sashes requires the sashes to be adapted to take the extra width of the glazed unit, which entails routering out the wood to the glass reveal, which goes against the grain of a conservation joiner. It also adds a lot of weight to the sashes, which in turn means you have to upgrade the sash weights to get the windows to operate properly. With some windows this cannot be done rendering the windows unopenable.

We fully understand the need to make your home more thermally efficient and as such we have developed a number of alternatives to double glazing, which we are very happy to discuss in full. These include our very extensive but non obtrusive draught proofing and our very high quality secondary glazing, all at the fraction of the cost of double glazing.

However if you are set upon double glazing then we can install slimline units to your existing sashes and have done so on many occassions please contact us and select double glazing as an option

Contact us for full details.