Sash and Case Window Services

We carryout a full range of services to compliment your sash and case windows, from a service through to a full renovation with the additions of decoration, draught proofing, secondary glazing and double glazing

Full Renovation

Our core business is the full renovation of Sash and Case windows, click on the icon above to see what we do

Repairs & Servicing

Quite often a full renovation may not be required and you may just require a localised repair, click on the icon above for more details


We have been draught proofing sash and case windows for over 30 years and have the knowledge of a number of solutions, which will ensure your windows can be made draught and rattle free

Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is by far the best option for historic windows, we use state of the art materials and they are very easy to use and do not impact on the aesthetics of your windows

Double Glazing

Double glazing is not always the solution, we will explain why!

Contact us before you commit to double glazing for some free and very valuable advice


We can carryout a full decoration service to your newly refurbished windows. Click the icon above for more details