Borders Joinery Conservation

Restoration of your Sash & Case Windows

Please take the time to read this leaflet and keep it safe for further use

Borders Joinery Conservation

Repair and restore Sash and Case Windows we do not replace them!

We’ve produced this factsheet to help explain exactly how we restore your windows and to let you know what is and what is not included in the price on your quotation.

The Survey

Jim Brand (Master Craftsman) of Borders Joinery Conservation will survey and measure all of the windows that require restoration works. Within 7 days this visit will be followed up with a full photographic and written report and a fully detailed quotation.

Attached will be a copy of our Terms and Conditions and a current copy of our Insurance.

The Order

Once you have received your quotation and report and are in a position to place an order then please inform us via email confirming that you are also in agreement to the terms and conditions. You will then be invoiced for a 25% deposit. Once the deposit has cleared you will be given a confirmed start date and duration to suit your requirements.

The Payment

Once the works are completed you are invoiced for the remaining balance of 75% which is due on receipt.

Within 28 days of final payment you will be issued with a full written and photograph report accompanied with your 5 year guarantee certificate.

How we repair your sash windows

  • On arrival at your premises we will lay the appropriate amount of dust sheets from the entrance door to the work area.
  • Within the work area we will cover all valuable items with dust sheets
  • We will then ease and remove the sashes
  • We will then on site, ‘work the case’ as described below
  • Once the case is complete we will return to the workshop with your sashes and carryout the restoration of the sashes in a controlled environment. ( your window opening is securely boarded up whilst the sashes are removed)
  • We will then return with the complete sashes and re install them complete with the new/restored beads and furniture.
  • The finishing touches and cleaning will then be carried out to the window
  • The dust sheets will be removed and the complete area hovered and dusted.

Removing the sashes

The first thing that we do is remove the sashes. Some people mistakenly call the ropes “sashes”. The sashes are the parts of the window that hold the glass and move up and down. There is a top sash and a bottom sash and in order to work on the window these sashes have to be removed.

To do this the staff bead and the parting bead are removed. The beads are the small strips of wood that run from top to bottom and create the track that the sashes run up and down in. This will normally involve breaking any paint seals around the sashes/beads and attached timbers; however this is all repaired during the process.

Working the beads

The beads are carefully removed and the stripped of all paint ready to be fitted with draught seals

Quite often the beads are damaged or are broken during removal; if this is the case then they will be replaced as necessary with exact matching beads which we manufacture in our workshop in Eckford

The beads are finished with undercoat/primer and the draught proofing brush seals fitted.

Working the sashes

Once the sashes have been removed they are then prepared for re installation which includes

  •  Removal of all old paint
  •  Removal of all old hardware/furniture
  •  Removal of all putty and glass
  •  Disposal of any cracked or damaged glass
  •  Removal of any rot and decay
  •  Repair the areas removed using chemical resins and splices of hardwood
  •  Router out edges of sash to accept ‘Grabba’ cord system
  •  Install draught proofing to sashes
  •  Replace glass with new putty and RepairCare dryseal.
  •  Finish sashes with 2 coats of dulux trade primer/undercoat

Working the case

Once the sashes have been removed the frame/case can be worked on in preparation for the refitting of the sashes. This work includes

  •  Removal of all old paint
  •  Removal of all old hardware/furniture
  •  Remove all cords
  •  Remove pulleys and refurbish or replace (refurbishment is the preffered option)
  •  Repair or replace window cills/half cills
  •  Check all weights are in place and correct weight
  •  Replace weights with new weights if required
  •  Removal of any rot and decay
  •  Repair the areas removed using chemical resins and splices of hardwood
  •  Finish case with 2 coats of dulux trade primer/undercoat

Checking the weights

It is not uncommon to find that the weights inside the boxes are wrong for the windows. This can cause the windows to run unevenly or to slide when opened. Sometimes heavier glass has been fitted or somebody has “borrowed” a weight when working on the house in the past. In order for the windows to be counter-balanced correctly the weight attached to each sash should match that of the window. We make sure that it does and change the weights as necessary or apply add ons to the corect weight.

Checking the pulleys

The pulleys are removed, fully serviced and oiled. If they do not operate smoothly then they are replaced with new ones. In our capacity as conservationists it is our preffered option to restore the origional pulleys.

New cords

We always fit new cords complete with ‘Grabba’ attachment system for future ease of cleaning and maintenance. It is important to make sure that when the window is redecorated that the cords are not painted as this can make them brittle and prone to snapping. A good tip when redecorating around cords is to coat them with Vaseline first. It will prevent any paint getting on to them, won’t harm the rope and will wipe off easily once you have finished decorating.

Window furniture

As a restoration company we like to use all the existing hardware where possible, we remove the hardware then take them back to our workshop in Eckford to chemically remove the paint, polish them and return them for refitting.

You will have the option to keep the existing or have new ones. These can be chosen from our extensive range; however we recommend Brighton fasteners, traditional sash pulls or sash rings that you will be shown on our survey visit.



Usually when we restore a sash and case window we take the opportunity to incorporate a draught-proof system at the same time.

The system that we use is unobtrusive but very effective.

The draught-proofing will not detract from the look of your window and has several advantages:

  •  Draughts are considerably reduced
  •  Outside noise is minimised
  •  The windows glide more easily (less friction)
  •  Rattles are eliminated

Draught-proofing sash and case windows can never be totally effective but it is a cost effective way of reducing draughts and noise.

Your quotation will state clearly whether draught-proofing is included. Some people ask for two quotations showing the costs with and without draught-proofing. If you are undecided then we would urge you to have the draught-proofing installed, as the additional cost is relatively small compared to the great gain in terms of personal comfort and energy savings.

How we do it

  •  When the sashes have been removed the top sash is fitted with a weather seal on the top rail and on the meeting rail
  •  The bottom sash is fitted with a weather seal on the bottom rail and the mid rail
  •  The parting beads and staff beads are fitted with a brush seal
  •  We may also introduce brush seals to other areas as necessary

Secondary Glazing

We can supply and install a unique ‘magnetic’ secondary glazing system that can be easily removed and stored in the summer months and easily replaced in preparation for winter, this is much cheaper and much more effective than double glazing. A quote can be supplied separate to your restoration works as this work is done at a later date after restoration.


Newly restored sash and case windows need to be decorated with good quality paint if they are to last and function for a long period of time.

Although we finish the windows with good quality undercoat/primer they will need to be painted with a good quality finish coat within 4 weeks of our completed works.

We offer the option of decorating to a finish on external and internal and if you have asked for a cost then your quotation will show this. We always use Dulux Professional Range water based paints or on occassion a specialist restoration paint by Mighton Products

When we decorate the windows this is done on a return visit 14 days after the restoration works are complete, this gives time for the putty to fully cure.


If you are concerned about the security of any of your sash windows we are able to fit a range of attractive fittings that will provide additional protection.

All the security features that we install are from the Mighton Armourer Range and are SBD (secured by design) Official Police Security Initiative

They will also securely lock the window open just enough to provide ventilation, but not enough to allow an intruder access, your children to climb out or your pets to escape.

Making New Sashes

It is very rare that we have to replace any sashes however If some of your sashes are beyond repair then these will be detailed on your quote and the cost of making, priming, glazing and fitting them will have been included. We will provide you with an additional fact-sheet which explains how we make the sashes. It is not always possible to tell if a sash is beyond economic repair until we begin to work on the windows. This is not something that happens very often, but if additional sashes need to be made there may be some extra cost. If such a situation should arise we would obviously speak to you first before incurring any extra cost for you.

Consideration for your home and possessions

Working on old windows can be a messy business and with the windows out it is important to consider that the wind can blow things over.

We cover all the floor areas that we walk on with ‘roll and stroll’ which is like ‘cling film’ for carpets! We then cover these areas with dust sheets and all other items within the room that will or would be affected. We use dust control on our power tools and have a vacuum at the work place at all times. We constantly clean the area around us and leave it spotless at the end of each work day, but it would help if you could prepare for us by taking the following simple steps:

  • Carefully pack away any breakables that could be blown over
  • Remove curtains and blinds from the window to be worked on
  • Clear an area in front of the window (approximately 6 feet is ideal for working purposes)
  • Ensure all children and pets are secure and cannot escape or fall from open areas where sashes have been removed.
  • Remove any vehicles or valuable items outside and below the area of works


It is very difficult to guarantee a window that has already been fitted for a number of years, sometimes up to 200!

However the rot and decay repairs that have been completed using the repair care technology are guaranteed for 10 years by Repair Care as long as they have been done by a registered and fully trained Repair Care specialist (which we are).

Borders Joinery Conservation also provide a 5 year guarantee on all of the repairs that they have done and all of the products they have supplied, provided the windows have been painted in accordance with our recommendations and are regularly serviced.

As the Managing Director and Master Craftsman of BJC I personally issue a full written report of before during and after photographs of what has been done to each individual window, and back this up with a hand written 5 year guarantee.

Guild of Master Craftsmen

We are corporate members of the Guild and have attached a copy of a letter from the Guild along with a copy of our membership details.

Please feel free to check out our Guild status by visiting there website or our membership number is 126706